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× Haven't posted here in a while. Keep me company ?? ^^
Come keep me company if you'd like :)
Don't think I ever posted my streams to dA before, so trying that out I guess!
And I'm feeling super sentimental... has it really been like nearly 7 years since I started drawing? Obviously I started out really slowly, but...
Man, I could never get where I am now if it wasn't for dA and its wonderful community : ) So thank you!

Originally posted on my tumblr, don't mind the mentions of reblogs etc.

I’m going to try and not over-complicate this, but please have a read and / or commission me / donate / spread the word, it would mean the world to me and my family.


My dear father recently passed away and I had to immediately leave the UK (where I permanently live now) to go back to my home country, and it cost me a fortune. I do not even have the money to go back home to the UK, much less to repay the recent debts to my friends (that I got into by having to book a flight, a coach and a train on such short notice). 

Besides that, while most of the funeral is being payed for by other people (like my father’s girlfriend of past 11 years), there is still things like flowers and candles that we have to buy for it, and it’s expensive, it’s way out of my budget and I want to work to be able to pay it off. I know my art isn’t the best and I’m hardly even relevant anymore, to both pony fandom and everyone else, but I promise that I will do my absolute best to work for it.

As my followers of more than a year probably know, I cannot under any conditions stay in Slovenia for long - there was a reason I left in the first place, and I have to go back to the UK for health related reasons if nothing else (not the mention the contract binding me to my UK home). I’m very open, and honest, and if someone has doubts about what I’m saying, please feel free to message me and I will answer it right here on my tumblr, if you have more questions. I’m trying to not make this post even longer than it is.

If you can help me, I’d honestly appreciate it.

Examples of my artwork:

Lineart/cartoony drawings - £20 base price, additional characters or detailed backgrounds + £7 up.

Detailed paintings - £35 base price, additional characters or detailed backgrounds + £10 up.

More examples of my art can be found here :…

I don’t have time to do simpler, less awarding commissions this time, so I’m sorry about this : ( Please understand this is literally the only way I can get money right now, and that I’d really appreciate help.

If you’re interested in a commission or have a spare dollar or two, (it’d mean the world to me if you could help me out, seriously), here is my email, both for inquiries about commissions and my paypal account.

I’m really sorry for asking for help again. Thank you very much for reading the post.

I'm usually not very active but just thought I'd mention since a lot of people message me because they are worried. 
I'm still in shock so I have no idea when will I be able to draw again.
Special commissions offer! Collecting money for a new tablet : )

Well, I don’t do commissions anymore, as most of you probably know since this was a thing, BUT, well, my tablet has been causing me problems lately, I think there is something wrong with the cable, which is not a surprise since I’ve had it since 2010, and used it a LOT. It cuts out often and the surface is slippery because I used it so much :’D It’s unpleasant to draw on, basically.

That’s why I wanna do commissions so I can buy myself a new tablet : ) I don’t wanna spend too much money, so I’ll most likely buy my friend’s used one, an Intuos Pro L, because I’ve been trying it out and I like it so far. It’s still a bit pricey though, since yeah, Wacom tablets haha, so I’d like to do maybe 10 or so commissions.

Well, since they are really simple to do, I’ll only be offering pony drawings, and nothing complicated, no background either.


The price is £20 / $30 / 26€ . If you commission me for more than 1, the second one is £15 / $23 / 20€. 

My paypal is, and this is also the email you can send me references or questions about commissions to. I do not accept references through the submit box since they get easily lost. Just send an email.

Thank you for reading! I hope to be able to get new tablet and continue drawing ^-^

Donations, of course, are very welcome ♥

(Ignore tumblr references, this is copied from tumblr post)…
Yep yep I'm bored
(Cross-post from tumblr)

Basically, I’m in a crap situation. My health is really bad to the point where I cannot concentrate because of headaches (that are result of my teeth going to hell, as far as I’m aware), I owe people loads of money, I absolutely can’t force myself to produce quality content. I have NO MONEY. I don’t even feel like playing Diablo anymore, and I think this is the point where you should get worried.

I’ve been sitting around for a while, thinking whether I should do this or not, but I’m seriously breaking down now and before I do something dumb, I want to just… free my mind. I’m not going to be doing commissions anymore. The ones who already paid, please contact me and I will write down the amount of money I owe you, and return it when I can.

For people who haven’t been around for a long time, let me explain how it came to this. This is a long post and it’s about to get a hella lot longer because there is a lot on my chest.

About a year ago, my mother told me we’re about to lose our house because she was in debts. Me trying to be a good child, I opened emergency commissions to get money. I did a lot of them, but then I got very very sick. I had mononucleosis and it made me not move from my bed for 3 months, and it has left consequences for over half a year, seeing my immune system is already terrible. That means I still have commissions I owe from that time. I feel absolutely terrible and no, I can’t sleep at night because of it. I’m not joking.

In May this year, my mother kicked me out after threatening to murder me. I depended on my British friends to save my ass, and they did, but now I owe them money that I don’t know if I can even repay anytime soon.

It’s a lot of money, and I mean a lot. 

The funny part is, if my mother gave me back the money SHE owes me, I could repay MY debts. But she’s not going to, and I finally accept that. 

Moving on, in summer I made quite a bit of money because people bought prints and that was glorious, for a while. And then I went to Slovenia to legally change my name which cost a LOT because it got complicated and I was forced to stay there for much longer than originally intended. That seriously ruined my plans completely.

After that, back to England now, I wasn’t even home most of October so I was unable to do commissions and now I’m just here and people keep asking me for new commissions and I REALLY want to do them but knowing I still owe people ones from like million years ago, I end up just not doing anything.

I’m about to have a nervous breakdown because of all this shit piled up on my mind and therefore, I have a few things I wanna say.

1. If you commissioned me and paid already, but I haven’t done it yet, contact me and I will give you money back, if you want it.

2. If anyone has any spare money, I’d really appreciate if you could help me out. I have no idea why anyone would care, and I am 100% aware that this is pathetic, but I’m slipping deeper and deeper in debt and I have no control over it. I want to pay rent, and I want to EAT. I know I shouldn’t be that scared to ask for help but I am. I want to be able to give people their money for commissions back. There isn’t TOO much, as far as I’m aware, but it’s enough to make me feel terrible. I don’t want to be THAT one asshole artist who ignores people when they point out “You owe me something”.

3. I will re-open commissions eventually. If we’re friends, you can still ask me for one, because I know friends will forgive me if it’s not as amazing as it could be. This is my main problem actually, and this is why I refuse to work on commissions right now. The content I produce is so low quality I’m ashamed. So yeah.

4. I’m sorry for being a mess. I want to point out, I’m not depressed and if you exclude my physical health, I’m actually a rather happy person, so please don’t pity me.

Please help me, though. Please. Otherwise I don’t know what am I going to do.

Oh, and just to make sure - my friends that I owe money to are in no way pushing me to give it back right now. Everyone is really kind and stuff but I refuse to get any deeper into shit. So.

If you want to help me, my paypal address is
Anything counts, even a single dollar / euro / pound / yen, okay
I just wanna pay rent and stop depending on my friends because it sucks a lot

Ignore the mentions of reblogs etc, as this is cross post from tumblr. ANYWAY.

I’m still trying to get through my long list, but I’m mostly not home this month so I am unable to work on any big commissions, but what I CAN do are those icons that take less than an hour and are fun to do : )

I need money for, well, living, seeing as I’m basically on my own, no job, no parents to support me etc, so I’d really appreciate it!

They are 1500x1500px, 300dpi, simple shading icons with halloween theme and colour scheme.

I’ll be doing them for $12.


My idea was to make them all Halloween themed - you can choose from classical halloween costumes like vampire, witch, ghost, devils, whatever you like, as long as it’s simple and will be visible on a tiny icon : )

If you’re interested, send me an email to with:

  • reference of your character
  • expression you want me to draw on them
  • what costume you’d like me to draw

The rules for this are slightly different than my normal commission rules. I will not be sending sketches for you to check if it’s okay, so specify anything I’d need to know when you send your email.

They take me under an hour and having to wait for people to give me green light for me to continue would be a huge waste of time, so if you don’t trust me to make it good, don’t commission me this time.

I’ll do them in whatever order they are commissioned and I’ll reply to you when I’m DONE, with a tiny preview of the finished drawing and my paypal address (it’s I’ll send the full drawing after I receive money. ^-^

Even if you’re not interested, please reblog! Commissions are my only source of income and I’d really appreciate it if you commission me / reblog this post : ) Thank you!

(Cross-post from my tumblr, don't mind the mentions of reblogs etc)

If you already commissioned me and I haven't done it yet, please read this : X

I'm not sure how to make this visible to everyone who might have commissioned me, honestly, but I'll just have to reblog it multiple times, I guess.

THE THING IS, since I'm not living home anymore, I'll start doing more commissions so I can actually survive, so if you like my art and have money, I'd really appreciate if you commission me.

I'll be making the prices higher than the last time I updated my commission prices, it was over a year ago and I've improved a lot since then. (Obviously people who already paid won't have to pay again, just to clarify.) I'll also be changing currency to GBP / £ / the currency of United Kingdom.

As usually, my contact information is here:

Skype: twigileia


deviantART: Twigileia

my paypal: (it's my sister's email that I will likely change soon but for now)

Please do NOT send me notes on tumblr as I get lots of messages and your commission details WILL GET LOST. There is no way for me to sort them out and save them.

Onto the prices! 

My sketches are messy and I won't be offering them anymore. If you REALLY have interest, it can be arranged, I suppose, just contact me, but I won't set a price for them. Same goes for my linearts.

I will however offer some new things.

Coloured sketch (either pony or humanized) is 12£.

Full body ponies are 20£.

Detailed pony 'bust' drawings are 15£.

Pony icon / headshot (with simple shading like this) is 12£.

Chibi pony is 12£ also.

Extra characters on a pony drawing are +6£ per character, I do not draw more than 5 characters on the same drawing.

You can also commission me to design you a character, or make you a reference sheet like this for 30£.

I also draw humans / humanized ponies (with ears, tails, wings etc). As they tend to be more complicated than ponies, I charge 25£ for them.

Extra characters if you commission me for a drawing of a human are 7£.

Simple backgrounds like one above are free.

Complicated backgrounds can be anywhere between 5 - 10 £, depends on exactly what you want. (Obviously applies to both pony and human drawings)

Offering another little thing - a super simple little animation of your characters or whatever you want, something like this:

In case anyone wants it. I won't set a price, once again just message me if you want it, and we'll arrange a price.

Besides my normal cellshading and my trademark 'shiny' style, I also do paintings. However, I'm very new to it, so I'm not 100% sure about the prices yet. Paintings are a lot more complicated and take a lot more time, so please if you're interested, just message me and we'll set a price, but it's definitely gonna be higher than for my normal shading.

Examples of paintings:

Now for my rules:

I will not draw explicit NSFW. I do suggestive, but no dicks or vaginas please. As long as there's none of that, I'll probably do it. Tentacles? Boobs? Sure, why not.

I'm not good with mecha stuff either, but I'm willing to try.

I do not draw furries - sorry. None of wolves, cats, foxes, dogs, deers etc. If it's something like a MOTH OC I might give it a shot.

I do draw anthro PONIES however, since I'm used to them by now (lol).

I draw gore, as much as you want of it really, there's no limit for that. Blood? Guts? Sure, why not.

ALL PRICES are negotiable and I'm probably willing to lower them, especially if you want more than one commission.

I think this is it for now, if I remember anything more, I'll add it to this post.

Thank you for reading and PLEASE SHARE, this is my only income of money and I'll appreciate if you can spread it around~ Thank you!

~Twigileia / Empress Lace

And I just wanna thank you all, every single one of you, from  people who followed me since I was 12, supporting me and making me want to continue drawing, people who gave me amazing critiques to help me improve, people who made me draw when I wanted to quit. I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for you guys. DeviantART was the place where I first posted my art, and I will continue to do so for many years. Thank you, everyone, you're all amazing : ) <3
Many people asked me lately, so I might as well post it here on dA, too : D


You can contact me here on deviantART, my tumblr , or send me a mail -

My skype is: twigileia

My (or better, my sister's :'D ) paypal:

I will draw: Ponies, humans, whatever furries, pretty much everything you can think of, really

I will NOT draw: PORN.


Sketch is 3-5  (depends on how complicated you want it to be) + additional character 1-2




Lineart (or shaded only with black, as you wish) is 10 + additional characters each 2 - 3



Flat colours 14 + additional chara 5-7



Fully shaded: 23 + additional characters 7 - 10






Backgrounds are from 5 to 10, depends on how complicated one do you want.

In case you wanna watch me draw ponies:
Hah lately many people asked me if I have tumblr
So I figured it would be okay if I just post a link here


I post more art there than here, in case you were wondering
Printscreen and send me the screenshot, and you will get a free drawing :) simple one though, because I don't have much time xD
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Me and RI (YahIJustLoveDragons) came to crazy idea, well, crazy for me at least XD
We opened a Homestuck ask blog, a counseling office run by Dave & Karkat XD Ffff I know I know Homestuck fandom didn't need another pair of shitty artists wanting to be cool XD But here it is, spam us if you want:…
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It's a bunch of my art, yay!

I am by and large being most pathetic of all my pathetic things.
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Just send me a printscreen. I'll draw only one character btw. Since I have work. If it's really interesting I might do it before my trades though.
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My best friend :iconmew-aqua: opened commisions~…
As you may know, she's a really good artist and she currently needs money, but she's willing to accept points as payment, too (she will set really low prices cause she's underrating her art -.-').. Anyways, please check her page if you haven't yet!

~Twigileia :heart:

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Hey folks, been more than half a year since I last wrote a journal XD
If you have Tegaki Messenger, please add me~ :D
My number is 978-1018-9803
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